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I wish more people knew about my work
Nowadays I have so much more time to spend working on  my business instead of in my business. 

I use to spend so much time on marketing and searching for clients.

Between attending networking events and staying relevant on social media, I felt completely overwhelmed. 

So I created a strategy to lead potential clients to me. Some call it lead generation, others call it a publicity plan.

After putting this system in place...
  • I doubled my public speaking bookings
  • Now finding and connecting with potential clients is much easier
  • I created an engaged community on social media without wasting hours on social platforms or managing a Facebook group.
This wouldn't be possible if I hadn't created a better way to communicate my brand.

You see, sharing your story helps attracts the right audiences to you.

And this checklist helps me correctly communicate my brand. 

With this checklist, you can make sure that potential customers, media outlets and conference planners can make the right decision of choosing you.

And you'll know what to check for when pitching yourself for opportunities. 

This checklist gives you the power to focus on your business, not marketing your brand. 

Attracting your RIGHT audience starts with this checklist.

Your Marketing Goals + This Brand Story Checklist =
Secure Speaking Engagements...
Be Interviewed By Media...
Connect With Your Audience...
"This checklist is AWESOME! Just what I needed for my pitch."
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